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Political Parties

Conrad Rybka

Two word answers are separated by hyphens!

1 2 3
4                   5                   6
        15     16
      17                                             18
19                                             20    
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4.A shifting of party coalition groupings in the electorate that remains in place for several elections
10.An election that signals a party realignment through voter polarization around new issues
11.A voting system that apportions legislative seats according to the percentage of the vote won by a political party
12.The theory that there has always been an underlying binary party nature to U.S. politics
14.A party meeting held in the presidential election year for the purposes of nominating a presidential and vice presidential ticket and adopting a platform
17.An electoral system i which the party that receives at least one more vote than any other party wins the election.
19.The workers and activists who make up the party's formal organization structure
22.The voters who consider themselves allied or associated with the party
27.Professional who manages campaigns and political advertisements for political candidates
29.To vote for candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election
30.Funds that can be used for direct electioneering but that are limited ad regulated by the Federal Elections Commission
1.These acts remove the staffing of the bureaucracy from political parties and created a professional bureaucracy filled through competition
2.A political system where one party virtually dominates and wins all contests
3.Politics that focus directly on the candidates, their particular issues, and character, rather than on party affiliation
5.Politics that focuses on specific issues rather than on party, candidate, and other loyalties
6.A general decline in the partisan identification and loyalty in the electorate
7.George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford were all presidents associated with this party
8.A statement of the general ad specific philosophy and policy goals of a political party, usually promulgated at the national convention
9.Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter were all presidents associated with this party
13.The office holders who organize themselves and pursue policy objectives under a party label.
15.A citizen's personal affinity for a political party, usually expressed by his or her tendency to vote for the candidates of that party
16.The virtually unregulated money funneled through political parties under the auspice of party building
18.Organized effort by office holders, candidates, activists, and voters to pursue their common interests
20.The gradual rearrangement of party coalitions, based more on demographic shifts than on shocks to the political system
21.The tendency of lesser-known or weaker candidates lower on the ballot to profit in an election by the presence on the party's ticket of a more popular candidate
23.Institutional collection of policy-oriented researchers and academics who are sources of policy ideas
24.The firing of public-office officials of a defeated political party and their replacement with loyaltists of the newly elected party
25.The selection of party candidates through ballots of qualified voters rather than at party nomination conventions
26.A group made up of interests or organizations that join forces for the purpose of electing public officals
28.Big-city party organizations that controlled local and state governments from 1874-1912

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