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The atmosphere

Mrs. Vanden Hoek

1 2
  6 7                
      8         9
10                   11 12              
14 15                     16 17        
18               19          
        23 24    
  25 26                   27  

3.air pressure _____ as the altitude increases
4.a natural source of pollution
5.one inch of mercury is about 33.87 of these
6.envelope of gases that surrounds the planet
8.one of the acids in acid rain
10.layer where the aurora borealis occurs
11.the ozone protects us from this, which comes from the sun
15.layer where weather occurs
16.city with a lot of smog
18.layer that contains the ozone
20.gas released when fuels are burned
22.outermost layer of the atmosphere
23.this gives smoke its black color
26.dry air does not contain this
28.condition of the atmosphere at a time and place
29.force pushing on an area
30.harmful substances in the air, water, and soil
31.liquid metal used in some barometers
1.another word for altitude
2.instrument used to measure air pressure
7.the layers of the atmosphere are divided based on this characteristic
9.these form when water vapor condenses
12.type of barometer with an airtight chamber
13.layer divided into two other layers
14.layer that protects us from meteroids
17.form of oxygen made of three oxygen atoms
19.all fossil fuels contain these substances
21.most common gas in the atmosphere
24.second most common gas in the atmosphere
25.as altitude increases, the _______ decreases
27.amount of mass per volume

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