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Encounters Unit Vocab and Lit terms


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1.causing a sharp, acrid prickling sensation of taste or smell
6.implied comparison--one that does not use the word 'like' or 'as' (LT)
10.to separate into parts to understand the nature of the whole
11.quailty of a story that makes one anticipate what will happen next (LT)
13.to delay; to cause to proceed slowly
15.to operate skillfully by hand
16.showing anxious concern about something
17.the act of carefully examining or reading
18.to give over or entrust to the care and keeping of another
21.obedient, submissive, complaint
24.a statement of likeness
25.having the features of more than one language
26.easy to speak to; friendly
27.requireing much hard work or labor
28.struggle between two opposing forces (LT)
31.a clue early in the story that indicates what will happen (LT)
34.skillful, quick, adept
35.excessively cruel, brutal, or merciless
36.struggle within a person (two words, no space) LT
37.pattern of action or events in a story (LT)
38.unpreventable; unavoidable, bound to happen
1.to doze or paralyze with fear or terror
2.plentiful, overflowing, abundant
3.a closed exclusive group of friends or associates
4.a loss of memory, either temporary or permanent
5.to tease or torment as with something desired but out of reach
7.hidden or remote
8.harsh or rough in sound; hoarse
9.to make more intense, increase
12.unending or eternal life
14.tells you what happened first, second, etc (two words, no space) (LT)
19.contemplation, reflection, thinking over
20.look into the past (LT)
22.tells you what happened and why (two words, no space) (LT)
23.an investigation through questioning
29.a statement of differences
30.peaceful, calm, or quiet in nature
32.comparison using the work 'like' or 'as' (LT)
33.to threaten

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