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Chris Rothwell

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  4     5
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  9   10         11      
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2.Another name for potential difference.
3.The 'A' in AC.
4.Unit of Current.
10.A changing magnetic field creates a current near a conductor. What is this called?
12.Use this to measure current.
13.Contains many cells.
15.The direction that magnetic field lines point.
18.A Solenoid has many ________ of wire.
19.This changes motion into electricity.
1.A type of switch that uses electro-magnetism
2.This device changes voltage for DC.
5.Unit of electrical charge.
6.A device that shows you the direction of a magnetic field.
7.Opposite of conductor.
8.Another name for a Solenoid.
9.Find the force on a wire in a magnetic field using the _________ hand rule.
11.This Device changes voltage but only for AC.
14.A good material for a permanent magnet.
16.You can increase the magnetic field in a coil using a soft iron ______.
17.Useful for protecting devices against too much current.

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