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Exemplary Professional Practice

Magnet Champions

How we do our best work.

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4.A barrier to pt. satisfaction is lack of ____________.
8.We are sensitive to those of different ___________.
10.One of the areas we are currently working to improve our performance is the prevention of __________.
12.Pt. _________ is continually monitored & results are compared to national standards.
15.To save our backs we use _________ _________.
18.A way we communicate & collaborate with other disciplines is during morning ________.
19.In preparation for evaluations we participate in ________ review.
20.Who is responsible for my competence? (two words)
1.__________ services can be contacted by dialing 27378 (2 serve).
2.Pt. medical information is secured by use of __________.
3.A word to describe our practice model.
5.All our patients receive _______ excellent care.
6.Charge nurses address ____________ needs.
7.____________ consultation service can be accessed by dialing 615-831-8603.
9.Our standards of care can be found in the ___ book at each cubicle in MICU.
11.Which members of our interdisciplinary team make meaningful contributions in the achievement of clinical outcomes?
13.Nurses can access literature resources via the ________ digital library.
14.Nurses in MICU have a lot of ____________ over their schedule.
16.Family have their own _________ which gives them more access to their loved ones.
17.Yearly nursing satisfaction survey.

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