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ADULT CARE NURSING: Medications Used In The Treatment of Respiratory Disorders

Elizabeth Troxler, RN, MSN, MEd, CPHQ

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1.Example of a narcotic antitussive; suppressess cough center in medulla
3.Patient education includes: take medications with ample amounts of water or liquid
4.These drug acts by relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchial tree
5.Decreases viscosity of mucus; also used as antidote in acetaminophen OD
7.Coffee, cola, and chocolate contain this; monitor blood levels for effectiveness
8.Sympathomimetics; Causes vasoconstriction & shrinkage of swollen membranes
12.Generic name for Proventil
13.Adverse effects inhaled med may include hoarseness, dry mouth, oral fungal infection
15.Used to decrease, suppress or inhibit intensity and frequency of non productive cough that interferes with sleep
19.H1 receptor antagonists / antihistamines classified 2nd generation. Used for seasonal allergies
22.Locally acting antitussive decreases intensity and frequency of cough without eliminating cough reflex
23.Generic name; found in many OTC cough medications; thought to be as effective as codeine
25.Used for hypoxia associated with heart and lung disease
26.Assists in removal of secretions or exudate from the trachea, bronchi, or lungs
27.Increases bronchial secretions; patients with inadequate cough may need suctioning to maintain airway
28.Commonly used oral decongestant available OTC
29.Prophylaxis use; long acting beta2 agonist; never used during an asthma attack
2.When over used may cause rebound congestion and aggravation of symptoms
3.Indirectly acts to prevent release of various substances that cause bronchospasm
6.H1 receptor antagonists / antihistamine; classified as 1st generation
9.Narrow therapeutic range requires close monitoring of serum medication levels to maintain at 10-20 mcg/ml
10.Used in the treatment of asthma ; occupies receptors to prevent leukotrien from acting on tissues
11.Used in treatment of various types of allergic symptoms
14.Drug used for treating non acute asthma and allergies; a mast cell stabilizer
16.Used for allergic rhinitis and urticaria
17.Long acting steroid nasal inhalant; used once daily for seasonal rhinitis
18.Drug absorption decreased by food, give 1 -2 hour before meals
20.Generic name for robitussin
21.Beta 2 adrenergic antagonist; potent bronchodilator; relieves brochospasms and airway resistance: side effects are CNS stimulation, palpations, tachycardia
24.Specific antidote to narcotic overdose; reverses respiratory depression

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