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Unit 4B - The Bureaucracy and the Judiciary

Mr. Rodman

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1.A court in which the case is based on legal grounds and not the facts of the case
5.Ruling of the Court without an explanation
8.The ability of someone to have enough involvement in a case to file a lawsuit
12.Judicial philosophy in which the Constitution is strictly based on what it says with little interpretation
13.Friend of the court documents filed to help a plaintiff or defendant
15.When Congress removes laws and statutes to ease the burden on businesses and consumers
17.Rules enacted by the President without an act of Congress, but with the full force of law
18.Nominations from U.S. Senators to the President from a state where a judicial seat on a court is vacant
20.A court where a court ruling on the case is being challenged
22.The majority ruling of the Court
25.symbol for general schedule rating of bureaucrats
27.Cases before this one that are similar in nature and have already been determined
30.Putting the full force of the law behind a case in which the law has differed in the past (e.g., voting rights for minorities)
31.how policy is put into action
32.The lead attorney for the appellate cases involving the U.S. Government
33.A large group of people with similar issues who work together to file a lawsuit
34.Pathology involving a large amount of paperwork and approvals to obtain
35.Opinion in which I disagree with the majority
1.Judicial philosophy in which the interpretation of the Constitution involves bold new decisionmaking
2.A federal court usually located within each state and is responsible for hearing early appeals
3.Awarding political jobs for people who helped campaign and/or donated money
4.Opinion in which I agree with the majority but with explanation
6.Work and advancement is based on civil service exam and hard work over time
7.Taking action against business by telling them the rules and regulations as a proactive measure
9.What street level bureaucrats use to get work done in the field
10.Original court case that established judicial review
11.Give us the documents; the Court will hear the case
14.A place where the court case starts and is heard for the first time
16.People working within the bureaucracy as police officers, etc.
18.standard operating procedures for how bureaucrats do business
19.The Constitution should be interpreted according to the intentions of the Founders
21.Network of people from Congressional committees, interest groups and the bureaucracy
23.Experts involved in a policy because of their concerns and interest in resolving it
24.Let the previous court ruling stand (no appeal will be heard)
26.Disputes involving issues that are capable of being resolved by legal methods
28.System of reactive measures against businesses, which leads to fines
29.Act calling for civil service exams and hiring based on merit

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