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STUDENTS OF MST 108 Complete as a study guide for Chapter 50 GOOD LUCK

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1.urinalysis properties include color, transparency, and specefic gravity
4.lab instrument that seperates solids from liquids using gravitational force
5.minimum number of minutes to flush eyes is chemical splashes into them
6.lab instrument most commonly used to "grow" cultures
7.a screening test used to detect a substance in the body
8.most effective way to prevent infection
10.times used by most healthcare facilities, uses 0-23 hrs, 59 minutes
12.clinical lab division that deals with blood counts
15.when a test is performed by using specialized equiptment
20.includes accuracy and reliability, standardizations, and accurate record keeping (2 Words)
21.Department of Labor agency that is concerned with blood-borne pathogens and employee protection against same
22.agency that assigns commercial in vitro diagnostic systems to different CLIA regulatory categories
24.a diagnostice test with little to no risk of public health, simple methodologies and accuracy are not a concern(pregnancy test is an example)
26.labs are sugbject to inspection every _______years
29.Clinical Laboratory Improvement Ammendment
30.lab instrument used to sterilize materials using steam under high pressure
32.lab hazard that includes flammable, caustic, poisonous carcinogenic/teratogenic substances
33.inadequate sample amount that the MA must avoid is said to be this (3 Words)
34.clinical lab division that deals with cultures to check for infections
35.vaccination that is required for MA student to go on externship, and recommeded by the CDC (2 Words)
2.urinalysis results include the presence of protein, blood, bilirubin, nitrite (and others)
3.what we wear in the lab to prevent exposure (3 Words)
7.a screening test used to obtain the amount of a substance present in the body
9.lab hazard that includes exposure to blood borne pathogens or disease causing organisms
11.clinical lab division that deals with blood typing and x-matching (2 Words)
13.degree of skill and training necessary to perform accurate testing and decrease risk to public health for this type of testing (example hematology and chemistry testing)
14.a comprehensive set of policies and procedures developed to ensure the reliability of lab testing (2 Words)
15.a value of a test outside of the normal range (2 Words)
16.lab instrument components include magnification,illumination and framework
17.A.K.A Universal Precautions (2 Words)
18.a diagnostic test ouside the scope of practice to Medical Assistants is said to be this type (example papanicolaou smear, blood typing)
19.stepwise method to collect, process and test a speciman (3 Words)
23.when a test is performed by hand
25.time used by most patients, has 12 hrs, 59 minutes and am/pm needed
27.urinalysis procedure that detects the presence of red/white blood cells, mucus, casts, parasites, bacteria (and quantifies them)
28.clinical lab division that deals with toxic substances
31.lab hazard that includes electrical, fire and mechanical

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