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Group 4A

James Harris

(R18 - R19)

  2   3    
4 5            
6               7    
10                   11                
  16         17      

2.Acetylene is formed when calcium carbide and what other compound react?
5.What state of matter are all Group 4A elements at at room temperature?
6.Fe2SiO4 is also known as what?
7.What is prepared by reduction of cassiterite?
9.What is used as electrodes in lead acid car batteries?
10.Fe2SiO4 is also known as what?
11.About 90% of the minerals in Earth's crust are silica and ______.
12.What Group 4A element has the density of 2.34?
13.Plants use what to produce carbohydrates and oxygen?
14.What are silicon and germanium?
15.Who discovered Germanium?
16.What is used as a fuel for welding?
18.Group 4A elements combine with what to form oxides?
1.Group 4A elements are oxidized by what?
3.What is used on the cutting surfaces of drill bits?
4.What is used in toothpaste to prevent tooth decay?
8.What compound is the sand on many beaches and is used to make glass?
9.What Group 4A element has the electronegativity of 1.9?
15.What Group 4A element has the melting point of 3562 C?
17.What is refined from the mineral galena?

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