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Greek Gods and Goddesses

Jack Irish

Monsters and other different creatures and what they are.

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2.The moody god of the Seas
6.one-eyed monstrous creatures
7.rude, aggressive half- horse creatures
9.The heavenly King of the Gods and ruler of mankind
12.The joyful god of the Wine
13.The sensual goddess of Love and Beauty
16.the guard of the Underworld
17.the Messenger of Poseidon
19.The ill-favored god of Metallurgy
23.Ruling Titan and Father of the Olympian Gods
24.The fierce god of War
26.the strongest hero of Ancient Greece
27.The cunning god of the Trade
30.The gloomy god of the Underworld
31.the Sea god from Egypt
33.Alluring Sea Nymphs
35.Mother Earth
38.The sophisticated goddess of Wisdom and Arts
39.Titan of Astronomy
40.the Goddesses of Nature
41.The mature goddess of the Family
42.joyful half-goat creatures
1.hundred-handed, dreadful monsters
3.a Greek hero of the Trojan War
4.The natural goddess of the Harvest
5.the Old Gentleman of the Seas
8.Ruler of the Waters and the Seas
10.Main hero of the Trojan War
11.Titan of Wisdom and Forethought
14.The calm goddess of the Hearth
15.the Gods of the Wind
18.The wild goddess of the Hunt
20.the founder of Mycenae
21.The youthful god of the Sun and the Music
22.the monstrous opponent of Zeus
25.the Goddesses of Art and Science
28.the frightful opponent of Perseus
29.the monster with the famous riddle
32.king and founding hero of Athens, Greece
34.Mother of the Olympian Gods
35.huge, unbeatable greek monsters
36.Ruler of the Heaven and the Sky
37.the Spinners of the Thread of Life

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