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Football Hero

Lee Kuzmich

its a football book about a kid and his older brother

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1.who is the coach of ty's football team (2 Words)
7.who is the starting quarterback for Halpern
8.what position did ty and thane play (2 Words)
9.who is the starting quarterback for the jets
11.wher to ty and thane usually go for dinner
13.who is ty's cousin
14.how old is ty
15.what the colour of thanes escalaid
17.what is the author of the books name (2 Words)
1.in what type of crash did ty's parents die from
2.what school does ty go to
3.what pick was thane
4.who is the cook's name at lucy's
5.who is the cornerback stalking ty (2 Words)
6.what is the main character's name
10.who is ty living with now (2 Words)
12.what university is thane going to
14.who is the older brother of ty
16.who drafted thane

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