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The Devil's Arithmetic Crossword

Lauren Foote Block D

1 2 3        
  4   5
    9   10
12 13 14             15  
18                 19            

2.The soldiers _____ on and on with rules they were to follow and how they were to behave.
6.Esther, Shifre, Yente and Rachel were _____ by Hannah's stories.
7.Hannah and Aron visited Grandpa and their other family at the apartment _____.
8.The Nazi's lied pretending they _____ all the could from the Jew's house and bring it to them once they were re-located.
11.The soldiers were harsh and _____.
13.The Nazi spoke with a _____ voice.
17.The train that the Jew's arrived in came to a _____ stop.
18.Gitl worked out a _____ escape plan to attempt to leave the concentration camp.
19.Hannah reached _____ point when no one believed what the Nazi's would do to them.
20.Hannah felt _____ for Aunt Eva and Grandpa's plight.
1.The _____ forced the Jewish people to go to concentration camps.
3.Hannah and other girls ____through the heap of used dirty clothes.
4.Rachel _____ her way past the other girls to get to stand by Hannah.
5.The Rabbi tried to reassure everyone that they would only be in the camps _____.
9.Hannah _____ to the door the let Elijah in.
10.The Nazi's _____ the Jew's.
12.Hannah promised to everyone that eventually everything would be _____, that they would all be free.
14.The guard said that Commandant Breuer believed in _____ loads.
15."if you don't behave or follow the rules you'll end up over there" the Nazi said _____ over to a building with thick smoke coming out of it.
16.Gitl had a _____ expression on her face.

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