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Digital Photography Basics

Lisa Klenske

Digital Photography is a unique form of photography with its own terminology. Test your memory and skills by completing the following crossword.

1 2
3 4                             5
  6 7                      
    9 10 11         12                  
  13 14   15   16            
17       18                                        
                  22   23      
  24           25              
              26       27
    28 29             30                      
32               33                            
    34                         35          
37     38      
39                 40       41      
  43   44     45       46
48               49                        
  51               52         53

4.International Standards Organization sets the ratings
6.Setting camera for multiple exposures in succession, with differences
11.Converts captured image into pixels in camera
17.Adding to or deleting time from the shutter speed
19.The earliest models were a box with a pinhole in it.
20.Highest quality format for printing images
24.A tiny square of color
30.Sunlight and shade
31.Reads amount of light entering lens
32.An assembly of glass elements
33.Horizontal or vertical image choice
34.Makes adjustment to the color of white at different times of day
35.Adds light to subject when shooting picture
36.Horizontal formatted picture
39.To move digital pictures from the camera to the computer
41.Printer's four standard ink colors
42.How fast it clicks
43.To view clearly
47.Optical device that shows field of view
48.Powers a digital camera
49.Same as manual
50.A regular lightbulb
51.A picture
52.Determines how large the shutter opening is
54.Lowpriced/lowmegapixels/lower quality camera
55.The effective size of a lens opening
56.Combination of time and aperture
2.Determined by resolution, focus, lighting and other factors
3.Lighting used in most public buildings
5.PPI - unit of measurement on computer screen
7.Composition based on a grid
8.The changing of natural light throughout the day
10.Adjusting for brightness or darkness of image
12.Never use even numbers of subjects/objects
13.Preferred format for internet images
14.The area of a photo as you move back in space that remains resonably sharp
15.Settign f-stop manually & allowing shutterspeed to make adjustments
18.Setting camera's shutter manually & allowing AE to make adjustments
19.Full-spectrum photography
21.Capturing movement in still photographs
22.Enables clos-up photos to be taken
23.No longer using film, today's cameras are -
25.Monochromatic photography
27.Capturing 'real' images and reproducing them on 'prints'
28.A digital storage device for saving images
29.The sharpness of a photograph
35.Portable memory system
37.Vertical formatted picture
38.DPI - unit of measurement on printing press
40.Pixels causing rough or jagged edges on an enlarged photograph
44.To zoom in on a subject
45.Millions of bytes
46.Scale measuring tones from white to black
53.A paper version of a photograph

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