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Physics Fun - Mechanics

Trevor Ryan

Tutorial to help students with some physics theory and definitions

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2.Unit of sound level
4.A material which undergoes very little plastic deformation before fracture
5.SI unit of frequency
8.The SI unit of temperature
12.The SI unit of force per unit area
13.The rate of energy transfer
14.The mass per unit volume of an object
16.The elastic modulus which determines the amount of bending or stretching of a material subjected to tensile stress
17.The laws governing planetary motion
19.The phenomenon of a system being caused to vibrate at its own natural frequency due to the vibrations of another source at the same frequency
22.A force which always opposes motion
25.The physical quantity defined as the product of mass and velocity
27.Time taken for a pendulum to complete a full cycle
28.SI unit of work and energy
30.Instrument used to measure temperature
33.The property of a wave bending through a medium of different density
34.The force of attraction that the earth has on an object
35.The change of phase from solid directly to gas
37.The phenomenon of liquids being able to rise up thin tubes placed in them
38.A name given to an object upon which the only force acting on it is earth's gravity
39.The change of phase form liquid to gas
41.Force required to keep object moving in circular path
42.The rate of change in displacement
43.SI unit of power
44.The reaction force of a incline on an object
45.The SI unit of electrical resistance
46.The property of a wave bending around an obstacle placed in its path
47.A physical quantity which the particle model describes as a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles
48.Unstable fluid flow displaying a very high Reynolds number
1.An element often used in semi-conductor devices
3.Scientist who formulated laws of relativistic mechanics
4.The upward force that a fluid exerts on a submerged object
5.The law stating that the displacement of an eleastic spring is proprtional to the resultant force acting on it
6.The cross product of position vector with applied force
7.A physical quantity expressed completely in terms of both magnitude and direction
9.The smallest negative charge
10.The physical property of fluids which affects their flow rate or the flow rate of solids through them
11.The type of energy a body possesses due to its state of linear motion
15.The work done to move a unit of charge between two points
18.Instrument used to measure pressure
20.An electronic device which allows output signals to be greater in amplitude than input signals
21.The type of force between unlike electric charges
23.A material which has a very high gradient in the elastic region of a stress strain graph
24.A method of heat tranfer through a gas
26.An object which is a perfect conductor and radiator of all heat on it
29.The physical property that allows some small insects to walk on top of liquids without sinking
30.The type of wave in which the disturbance in perpendicular to the direction of motion
31.Ratio of poer output to power input
32.The state a system is said to be in if the resultant force and torque on it is zero
36.A physical quantity represented by the gradient of a velocity vs time graph
40.For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

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