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OB medications

B. Solomon

Helpful tool to remember OB medications

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4.given to keep RH negative mother from forming antibodies to RH positive blood
6.2nd drug of choice to stop postpartum hemorrhage
8.relieves anxiety, potentiates narcotics, antiemetic
11.tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough immunization
12.used to reverse magnesium toxicity (2 Words)
14.synthetic for oxytocin
16.prostaglandin used to stimulate ctx with fetal demise or to thin cervix for induction
20.immunization for German measles
21.synthetic opioid used in labor and also used to stop itching
22.tocolytic drug that can be given IV, SC, and PO.
23.steroid drug given to mother to stress fetus to mature lungs
1.immunization for Hepititis B virus-one of 3 to complete immunity (2 Words)
2.eye treatment given to newborns at birth to prevent blindness (2 Words)
3.reverses opioid toxicity- use 0.01mg per kg body weight in newborns IM
5.prostaglandin used as last chance drug to stop postpartum hemorrhage
7.calcium channel blocker used PO to stop preterm labor as home med
9.used to stop labor and also to prevent seizure (2 Words)
10.surfactant to give by ET tube to open immature alveoli in preterm infants
13.antacid given pre-op to neutralize stomach acid
15.vitamin K-given IM to newborns
17.to stop preterm labor-can be given IV or PO
18.vasopressor given IV to increase BP after epidural(if SBP< 100)
19.antiemetic given IV ir PO

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