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Ancient China

Trina Webb

Test Review--JAT CH. 7

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7.His name means "Martial Emperor of Han;" Created Civil Cervice Exam
8.He taught that people should put family & community needs above their own
10.Accupuncture is an example of Chinese
12.These mountains are located in the north-west part of China
13.The amount of land in China that is good for farming
19.This ocean borders the eastern side of China
20.A noble whose wealth comes from the land he or she owns
22.Practice that requires children to respect their parents & elders
23.This dynasty ruled for more years than any other in Chinese history
25.This river is the northern-most river we've studied on the map
29.In Chinese society, the merchant class ranked below this class containing
31.Number of miles the Silk Road stretched from western China to SE Asia
33.Gave emperor right to rule but also gave people ability to overthrow ruler
35.A formal order
36.Laozi believed people should give these up in favor of nature
37.Huang He River this because drowned people & destroyed homes
40.Military leaders with their own armies
42.Questions were written on these to foretell the future
43.People who share a simiar position in society
47.Cruel leader who unified China
49.Raising the children and managing the household were duties of Chinese
51.Qin Shihuangdi based his rule on this, that taught people need strong ruler
52.Also called the "School of Law;" harsh laws & punishments to keep control
53.A character that stands for objects, such as the moon and sun
54.These mountains are located in the south-west part of China
1.Founder of Daoism who's name means "the Old Master"
2.In rank and comparrison to other nations, China ranks
3.Time of violence that made people look for ways to restore order
4.Chinese believed this gem preserved the body forever
5.Other name for the Yangtze River
6.This river is the southern-most river we've studied on the map
9.Network of trade routes for Chinese goods as far as Greece & Rome
11.Geographic feature (plural) that kept China isolated from the rest of the world
12.The first capital city of China
14.A system of appointed officials who run different parts of the government
15.China's first rulers were probably from this dynasty
16.Eases pain through the use of needles stuck into the patient's skin
17.This smaller body of water borders China's north-eastern side
18.The belief that all people wita talent for governing should govern
21.People who pay their rent by giving the landlord portion of their crops
24.Chinese invention allowed soldiers to fight on horseback
26.Founder of the Han dynasty; used censors & divided empire into provinces
27.Qin built and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu
28.These three items were the focus on Chinese exports through the Silk Road
30.Praying to and honorin departed family members
32.This person is considered the head of the Chinese family
34.Made sure that government officials did their jobs
38.An important trade item during the Zhou dynasty
39.This geographical feature is located in the northern part of China
41.Chinese invention helped ships to use their sails more effectivly
44.A kind of character used in Chinese writng
45.Confucius believed that society would do well if everyone did his or her
46.Group of labor that was used to build the Great Wall of China
48.Legalism taught that humans wer naturally
50.Promotes a peaceful society

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