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Waves and Lights

Livia Luo

Find the answers on ur book.

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1.an instrument that uses a diffraction grating to visually observe spectra
5.a straight line drawn perpendicular to barrier struck by a wave
6.a natural or artificial means to achieve polarization
10.a wave that vibrates in all directions perpendicular to the diraction of travel
13.composed of only one colour; possessing only one wavelength
14.the ability of an instrument to separete two omages that are close together
2.the property of a material that, when analyzed, reveals the material's stress distributions
3.radiation with frequencies higher than UV
4.the three-dimensional image formed as a result of interference of coherent light
7.if a wave meets the boundary at an angle, the direction of travel does change.
8.the change in direction of paricles or waves as a result of collisions with particles
9.radiation with frenquencies of UV and lower
11.a holograph is what you see when a hologarm is illuminated
12.confining the vibrations of a wave to one direction

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