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1.when light is bent as it moves through one kind of matter to another
3.how high or low a sound is; determined by the frequency of the vibration
4.The number of waves produced in a given amount of time.
7.Sounds with frequencies that are higher than 20,000HZ.
11.Maximum distance the wave vibrates from the rest position.
12.Sounds with frequencies that are lower than 20HZ.
13.How loud or soft a sound is perceived to be
15.a shock wave that consists of compressed sound waves createdwhen something moves faster than the speed of sound
17.The distance between any adjacent crests or compressions in a series of waves.
21.The process of using reflected sound waves to find objects.
22.The bending of a wave as it passes at an angle from one medium to another. The speed of a wave depends on the medium. When the speed changes the wave changes its angle.
26.the light energy that humans can see
31.a curved lens like the outside a sphere
33.the length between the compressions in a sound wave
34.how fast sound moves through an object
35.an object is opaque when all light is absorbed or reflected; no image can be seen
36.The apparent change in the frequency caused by the motion of either the listener or the source of the sound.
1.when light bounces off of an object
2.to move back and forth
5.how much sound energy reaches the ear
6.A reflected sound wave.
8.Waves in which the particles of the medium vibrate with an up and down motion
9.the measure of a sound wave
10.absorption happens when light stops as it hits an opaque object
14.In a body of water, is an example of a combination of both transverse and longitudinal waves.
16.A solid, liquid or gas that is vibrated
18.Waves in which the particles of the medium vibrate back and forth along the path that the wave travels.
19.something that bends light, but is not a lens
20.sound travels in a wave, which is a moving pattern of high and low pressure or vibrations
23.a substance that allows most of the light to pass through it
24.The speed at which a wave travels.
25.The most common unit used to express loudness.
27.a substance that allows some light to pass through it
28.a curved lens like the inside of a sphere
29.Any disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space
30.How log or how high you perceive a sound to be.
32.a reflection of sound

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