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1                 2          
  5                         6  
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21                         22  

1.the bright central region in the interference pattern of light and dark lines produced in diffraction
4.the ability of an instrument to separate two images that are close together
5.the property of a material that, when analyzed, reveals the material’s stress distributions
9.confining the vibrations
10.an instrument that uses a diffraction grating to visually observe spectra
12.the change in direction of particles or waves as a result of collisions with particles
15.the leading edge of a continuous crest or trough
16.the bending effect on a wave’s direction as it passes through an opening or by an obstacle
18.the angle between the reflected wave front and the barrier, or the angle between the reflected ray and the normal
19.occurs when waves diminish one another producing a resultant wave of lower amplitude than the given waves
21.of one colour, or one wavelength
23.the property of certain crystals (e.g., calcite) to split an incident beam of light into two
24.the progressively less intense bright areas, outside the central region, in the interference pattern
25.a plastic, light-polarizing material
2.the angle between the normal and the refracted ray, or between the refracted wave front and the boundary
3.the bending effect on a wave’s direction that occurs when the wave enters a different medium at an angle
6.periodic disturbance where particles in the medium oscillate at right angles to the direction in which the wave travels
7.property of a substance whereby a transparent material rotates the plane of polarization of transmitted light
8.occurs when waves build each other up, producing a resultant wave of greater amplitude than the given waves
11.a line of destructive interference
13.the angle between the incident wave front and the barrier, or the angle between the incident ray and the between the incident ray and the
14.the air between two pieces of optically flat glass angled to form a wedge
17.a straight line drawn perpendicular to a barrier struck by a wave
20.a straight line, drawn perpendicular to a wave front, indicating the direction of transmission
22.a natural (e.g., clouds) or artificial (e.g., filters) means to achieve polarization

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