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Health Care Economics

Lori Savage

Concepts of Health Care Economics

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3.Covers most prescription medications.
6.For people who qualify for Medicare, but wish to have the same sort of choices they had while they were employed.
7.A collaborative process of meeting client needs.
8.The amount the clients pays before the insurance begins to pay for treatment.
10.The amount the client pays at the time of service. Usually $10-$25 per visit for doctor visits, $100 for hospital visits.
11.Monthly or annual insurance payments paid either by the employer or member.
15.Health care providers recieve a set monthly fee for each client who is a member of the insurance group.
18."Reasonable and necessary to prevent ilnnesses or medical conditions..."
19.A physician who participates in a managed care program.
20.Progressive change that happens a little at a time.
1.Provides hospital insurance for a fixed-rate, monthly premium, regardless or income.
2.One of the most common types of health care systems that uses organizational strategies to contain health care costs.
4.A standard pattern of client care health care providers follow that documents the essential steps in the diagnosis and treatment of a client's condition.
5.Medical services provided to those who cannot or will not pay.
6.A medical insurance program for eligible low-income or medically/physically disabled clients.
9.Change that occurs quickly and in a scale that encompasses an entire system or organization.
12.The amount insurance will pay for a service or treatment. If a physican charges more than insurance's customary fee for service, the customer may be responsible for the overage.
13.initially, the health care system in the US was based on fee for service with the focus on treatment of illness.
14.See "fixed fee service."
16.Provides hospital insurance for inpatient and post-hospitalization expenses.
17.Refers to the level of care needed for a particular client.

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