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Are you prepared for Geocaching?


Enjoying the outdoors can be such a pleasure but if and when you are unprepared, you might wish that you took the extra time to bring all that you needed.

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1.helps locate the right trail
6.keeps hands warm
7.thirst quencher
11.thin trackable
12.map publisher and gps maker
16.get in view to record this cache find
18.known as a torch in Britain
22.degree east or west from Greenwich England
23.writing instrument
24.used to ward off insects
25.chemical packet for instant heat
27.A pair of these will make things brighter
2.not a geocoin, but a mini-traveler
3.be sure to sign it when at the cache
4.small sound maker to alert others
5.replaced locationless caches
8.keeps you going in a straight line
9.playable cartridge is needed for this cache type
10.SPF-50 is a rating for this
13.degree north of south from the equator
14.help these move from cache to cache
15.wound infection protection
17.field glasses
19.helps immobilize a dislocated shoulder
20.eye protection
21.used to fasten footwear
26.tradeable items

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