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Ch 5 - 9

Heidi Schoeman

1 2
3                         4 5  
6               7                    
8 9          
  10                 11          
  12             13  
        16   17        
                20                       21
      23       24                      
          25 26    
30                   31            

3.delay by debtor (2 Words)
6.common law remedy (2 Words)
10.defence for conduct
15.performance is postponed until a certain future event (3 Words)
19.delay by creditor (2 Words)
22.ability to enter into contracts (2 Words)
24.consent after the fact
27.undertaking that a certain state of affairs exists
28.relates to event that had already occured
29.fritters away finances
30.transfer of personal duties
31.transfer of personal rights
32.transfer of both personal rights and duties
1.failure to perform properly (2 Words)
2.clause entitling cancellation (2 Words)
4.nothing beyond contract can be used to interpret contract (3 Words)
5.company (2 Words)
7.contractually agreed damages
8.0 - 7 years
9.notary public (2 Words)
11.debtor and creditor become one person
12.rendering performance impossible (3 Words)
13.agreement to only sell one person's goods (2 Words)
14.contract for the benefit of a third party (2 Words)
15.postpones the operation of a contract pending the happening of an uncertain future event (2 Words)
16.agent needs this
17.out of time to claim
18.limitation of participation in commercial life (3 Words)
21.minor acts independent in business transactions
23.new contract substitutes old contract
24.place in same position
25.7 - 18 years
26.minor pretends to have majority

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