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Molecular Compounds

Chemistry I - Mr. D. Hobson

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  6                       7  
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4.an electrically charged region in a molecule
6.sharing of three pairs of electrons (2 Words)
8.atoms tend the achieve the electron configuration of a ________ when sharing electrons (2 Words)
14.the name of ClF (2 Words)
16.the number of unshared pairs in a water molecule
17.the name of CBr4 (2 Words)
18.dinitrogen monoxide contains one single and one ____ bond
19.a bond in which the bonding electrons are shared equally between atoms (3 Words)
22.silicon tetrachloride contains four _____ bonds
23.a molecule that has two poles (2 Words)
29.a molecule consisting of two atoms (2 Words)
30.the shape of a phosphate ion
32.the name of C4H10
33.sharing of one pair of electrons (2 Words)
1.the shape of a carbon dioxide molecule
2.the attraction force of a bonded hydrogen atom to an unshared pair of electrons of another electronegative atom (2 Words)
3.the name of PH3 (2 Words)
4.a molecule with slightly positive and negative ends (2 Words)
5.a pair of electrons that is not shared between atoms in a molecule (2 Words)
7.the shape of a phosphorus trifluoride molecule (2 Words)
9.shows the arrangement and bonding of atoms in a molecule (2 Words)
10.shows how many atoms of each element a molecule contains (2 Words)
11.sharing of electrons between atoms (2 Words)
12.a diatomic molecule that is also an element on the periodic table (2 Words)
13.a compound composed of molecules (2 Words)
14.a bond in which the shared pair of electrons comes from one atom (3 Words)
15.the shape of a sulfur trioxide molecule (2 Words)
20.many molecules exist as a ______ or gas at room temperature
21.the shape of a sulfur dichloride molecule
24.sharing of two pairs of electrons (2 Words)
25.the type of bond between the carbon atoms in C2H2 (2 Words)
26.a bond in which the bonding electrons are shared unequally between atoms (2 Words)
27.the name of C6H14
28.a theory that explains the repulsion between pairs of electrons that helps to predict the shape of molecules
31.molecular compounds have relatively _____ melting points than ionic compounds

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