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Bakugan Character Identification Puzzle 1

Sunny Chera#2

Figure out the bakugan clues and complete the crossword.

1 2     3
4         5  
  6 7    
  9     10      
16                 17          
  18   19      
20           21      

2.Recently joined the battle brawlers and entered Dan's hometown.
4.A brawler who said that he will create a new government that will not fight with Neathia.
7.A gundalian traitor who cheated on the brawlers to bring victory to gundalia.
9.Bakugan is Strikeflier.
11.Helped Jake win his first battle.
13.The Queen of Neathia and the older sister of Fabia.
16.The captain of the Neathian Force.
18.A subterra brawler who changed sides to Neathia. (Bakgan is Avior)
20.The sister of queen Serena.
21.A ninja ventus brawler.
1.Bakugan is Phosphos.
3.The emperor of gundalia.
5.Always stayed on Barodius' side but eventually died.
6.A pyrus brawler that worked for Barodius and also killed Kazarina.
8.Bakugan is Plitheon.
10.Haos Brawler who tried to get her hands on drago.
12.He is the brains of the entire brawlers group.
14.Main character in bakugan series.
15.Bakugan is Aquos Lythrius.
17.One of the storngest castle knight brawlers his bakugan is Neo.
19.A pyrus brawler who was betrayed by Barodius because he lost the element ot Dan Kuso.

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