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Vocabulary for the Courts

Marcia Bedard

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3.district courts handle trials in this system
6.means a person cannot be required to testify against themself in trial
11.if the defendant is found not guilty, they can't be tried again for the same crime in that jurisdiction
14.the appellate courts ____________ what the trial courts have done and rule on the matters of law
15.the accused in a criminal trial
1.prepares and presents the defendant's case
2.group of people who must decide if the prosecutor has enough evidence to go to trial
4.the 14th amendment bans ____________ based on race, ethnicity, sex, or religion
5.law that punishes a person for committing an act before the law came into effect
7.represent the public and present govt. cases against the defendant in criminal cases
8.court order to turn an individual over to the court
9.a safeguard against corrupt or biased judges
10.prevents the govt. from secretly taking away people and trying them, allows everyone to see that a fair trial is taking place
12.fair procedures and protections for all citizens, guaranteed by 5th and 14th amendments
13.amendment that protects you from excessive bail, and cruel or unusual punishment

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