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American Government

Vocabulary - Chapter 1

constitutional, democracy, dictatorship, elected, state, monarch, monarchy, representative, alliance, confederate, branch, federal, chief, legislative, parliamentary, presidential, unitary, boycott, English, limited, tyranny

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1.a government that is run by the people
4.a government system in which the national government has all the power
9.an elected person who speaks for a group of people
12.to stop buying or using certain good and services as a protest
14.a government whose leader inherited his or her job
15.system of government in which independent countries join together with a common goal
19.a group of countries with the same goal
20.A ______________government must follow rules.
21.The executive _____________ is the part of of a government that carries out the laws
2.The _______________ Bill of Right is the paper listing the rights of the British people.
3.a monarchy that has a king or queen, but the king or queen has no real power because another person or group makes the laws.
5.systerm of government in which the chief executive is a member of the legislative branch
6.branch of government that makes the laws
7.When a government rules without worrying about the rights of the people.
8.a group of countries with the same goals
10.a system of government in which the legislative and executive branches are separate from each other
11.a government leader who inherited his or her job through his or her family
13.the ____________ executive is the leader of the executive branch
16.chosen by getting the most votes
17.system of government in which the national and state governments share power
18.the head of ___________ is a person or people in charge of a country's government

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