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4th Six Weeks' Theatre Vocabulary

Mrs. Jones

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1.position body more fully towards the audience
7.a type of entertainment containing music, songs, and, usually, dance.
9.turn towards the audience
12.areas of the stage that are not part of the set.
14.also called a roll curtain, because it rolls up and down rather than being flown.
18.the "what happens" in a story; the beginning, middle & end
20.a metal pipe suspended from the grid from which lighting instruments or scenery is hung.
22.sometimes called a stage plug.
23.one of the traditional forms of japanese theatre in which masked male actors use highly stylized dance and poetry to tell stories.
25.the final rehearsal at which all parts of the play are brought together so that flaws can be worked out
27.any work written to be acted, and entirely or mainly spoken.
28.a character's goal or intention.
2.any elaborate street presentation or a series of tableaux across a stage.
3.the rate at which a scene or act is played.
4.acting without words through facial expression, gesture, and movement.
5.face completely to the left or right
6.a raised box used to elevate actors upstage.
8.the point during rehearsals at which actors have memorized their lines and no longer must read from the script. (2 Words)
9.a platform stage surrounded on three sides by the audience.
10.refers to the notes delivered by a director to the cast and crew during and at the end of rehearsals.
11.the critical elements of a production, such as acting, direction, lighting, costuming, sets, and makeup.
13.table in the auditorium at which director/designer, etc sit during rehearsals
15.props or scenery that will be actually used by actors during the play.
16.movement in the theatre of the late 19th century which attempted to do away with artificiality or formalism of traditional theatre of the time.
17.a person who writes plays.
19.refers to the method of producing sound effects offstage, to which the characters should react.
20.the person who finds the financial investors, hires the director and production staff, sets the budget, and pays the bills for a theatrical production
21.term used to describe theatres and playhouses in New York City not located on or near Broadway in the mainstream theatre.
24.the highness or lowness of the voice.
25.form of theatrical booklet containing theatre news and information about a particular production.
26.command given by the stage manager directing the company to assume their positions immediately prior to a performance.

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