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Wildlife Puzzle


A to Z educational wildlife puzzle

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1.Needs food, water and habitat to live
6.A young animal can be ________ to a human
8.______are used by eagles to find their prey
9.A bird with a long neck that is a good swimmer
10.What a bear does during the winter
11.North Island Wildlife Recovery Association (abbr.)
12.A place where birds lay their eggs
13.A type of forest containing evergreen trees like fir and spruce
16.When we visit sick animals we need to be _______
18.________means the home of an animal
21.This bird flies very fast (2 words)
23.Try to ________ your garbage
24.Birds that are common visitors to the wildlife centre and swim in our pond
25.A bird that can turn its head 270 degrees
27.Leave it where it lies because its mom will return
29.Pictures of bones that show if an animal is hurt
32.These birds are named after Canada
34.An animal that washes its food
35.The name for the adult black bear who lives at the wildlife centre
36.Area where people live and is sometimes not good for wildlife
2.The place where you learn about animals at NIWRA (2 words)
3.Birds that circle in the air looking for food
4.A large bird with a hooked beak and talons (2 words)
5.Something an Owl would eat
6.Land that is surrounded by water is an ________
7.BC's official bird that lives in a coniferous forest
9.This is how you can help wildlife at NIWRA
14.Being awake at night is called _______
15.Is made of salt water
17.A bird with a wattle that lives at the wildlife centre
19.An animal that eats both plants and animals
20.The place where we keep animal displays
21.An animal that hunts for its food
22.This mammal is also called a Mountain Lion
26.Favourite home for a barn owl
28.Animal that lives in Africa but not NIWRA
30._____covers 71% of the earth
31.A bird that loves to hide its food
33.A vulture uses its sense of _______ to find food

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