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Agriculture Mechanics

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1.Connection between the equipment and the earth.
4.A measure of the amount of electrical pressure
7.Also called "HOT" wires, carries electricity from source to the equipment.
8.Produces Alternaing Current
11.Material that does not allow the flow of electricty through great resistance.
14.Converts high voltage from power lines to 240 volts
15.Use of 1 watt per 1 hour
16.Gee Clip
18.Use of 1000 watts per 1 hour
20.Soderless Connectors
23.Wire that carries electricty back to the source from the equipment.
25.Open Circle
27.Tendency of a material to prevent the flow of electricty
29.Force that attracts or repels iron or steel.
31.Circuits that branch from the service panel.
32.A source of electricity plus two or more wires connected to a load.
33.Device for receiving electrical plugs
1.Produces Direct Current
2.A measure of the amount of energy or work that can be done be amperes and volts.
3.North and South
5.Loss of voltage over distance or length of wire travel.
6.Allows electricty to flow through it easily
9.Ground Fault Interrupter
10.A device used to measure Voltage, Ohms, and milliamperes.
12.A type of cable that has a metal sheathing.
13.A switch that breaks the circuit when a given amount of electricty is passed through it.
17.Measure of the rate of flow of electricity in a conductor
19.Assembly of wires, connectors, from the entrance head to the service panel
21.A type of cable that is sheathed in a non metal cover suitable for burial.
22.A plug or cartridge with a thin metal filament that melts when too much current is pushed trough the circuit.
24.A high speed rotary engine driven by water, steam, or other gasses.
26.Form of Energy that can produce Light, Heat, MAgnetism, and Chemical Changes.
28.Base or housing for light bulbs, fan motors, and other electrical devices.
30.A Device used to stop the flow of electricity.

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