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Chapter 11 Word Search

Calvin Anderson and Connor Goul

1 2             3
4 5      
      8 9          
  10         11
    13       14  
  15                 16              

2.to cancel or make ineffective
6.candidate that recieves the backing of his home state rather than of the national party (2 Words)
7.policiy that government should interfere as little as possible in the nation economy (2 Words)
9.a tax on imports or exports
15.the right to vote
16.to force a person or group of people to move
17.reffering to suprise attacks or raids rather than orginized warfare (2 Words)
18.more than half
1.to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law
2.system in which delegates from the states selected the partys presidential candidate (2 Words)
3.an attempt to ruin an opponents reputation with insults
4.name given to William Henery Harrisons campaign for the presidency in 1840, from the whigs use of a log cabin as their symbol (3 Words)
5.an overwhelming victory
8.practice of handing out government jobs to supporters (2 Words)
10.system in which nonelected officails carry out laws and policies
11.to leave or withdraw
12.a period of low economic activity and widepread unemployment
13.largest single share
14.a meeting held by a political party to choose their partys candidate for president or decide policy

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