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Supply & Demand

Donald Plants

1 2 3
14               15                  

4.Relatively large changes in demand price cause relatively smaller changes in quantity demanded
7.conditions that affect demand and supply
8.The distribution or allocation of a limited commodity, usually accomplished based on a standard or criterion
9.a table of the quantity demanded of a good at different price levels
11.Two goods that "go together," either in consumption or production
12.A condition in the market in which the quantity supplied is greater than the quantity demanded at the existing price
13.A graph of the relationship between the PRICE of a good and the amount supplied at different prices.
14.A condition in the market in which the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied at the existing price
15.A measure of the responsiveness of one variable to changes in another
1.A graph showing the relationship between the price of a good and the amount of DEMAND for it at different PRICES
2.The more you have, the smaller is the extra benefit you get from having even more
3.A table that illustrates the alternative quantities of a commodity supplied at different prices.
5.A legally established maximum price
6.Relatively small changes in demand price cause relatively larger changes in quantity demanded
10.A legally established minimum price

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