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Government Unit 2

Samuel Banach

1   2                 3   4 5 6
8         9                                    
10           11  
  12                         13      
      14   15                  
16 17                                  
    19                       20       21      
22     23                                     24    
  26           27                 28            
30     31          
32                               33
  34               35  
  39               40          
42             43                
47               48                    

1.a state
7.basic set of political beliefs
8.family, beliefs, ideas, job experience, influences from income, age, gender, race and geo. region
12.The residents of his or her district or state
13.personal judgement
14.supervision of agencies
16.each member is called on indicidually to declare his or her vote
18.the formal head of the senate
19.political party with less seats
23.unecessary spending
25.surveys a fraction of voters in randomly selected voting precinctsafter they have casted their ballot
26.office holders
28.the influential position in the House of Representatives
29.monitors and influence how his or her party's members vote on legislation
32.the body of people entitled to vote
36.suits brought by one or more plantiffs on behalf of themselves and all others affected similary by a particular wrong.
37.second most influential person in the House
38.send official mail for free
39.legal limit on the number of terms a person can serve
41.the practice of establishing district lines that favor one political party over another
42.majority of members
43.formally accused
44.the control of speech or information
45.Surveying a population on an issue
46.interest groups that represents workers
47.an effort to persuade government policy makers to maek particular decisions regarding legislation
48.the president holds the bill without signing it within 10 days of recieving it
2.the party that holds the most seats in Congress
3.official population count
4.citizens groups that believe policies they pursue would benefit the general public rather than a narrow minority
5.seperate political branches of interest groups
6.large companies that run farm
9.people acting together to achieve shared political groups
10.choosing of a group of people to participate in a poll
11.requires police who has not been convicted in a court of law
15.public declaration of of support for
17.ability to report both sides of an issue without being bias
20.organizations of business firms within an industry
21.interest group members vote on a candidate solely based on their view of an issue
22.a strong disciplinary measure
24.an organized effot to urge local citizens to try to influence the decisions of Washington policy makers
27.law that applies to an action that took place before the law was passed
30.sets a time limit on a debate to stop filibusters
31.effort by one or more senators to hold up the final vote on a bill
32.requires a 2/3's vote and formally removes a member from office
33.uncertainty of Sampling
35.collective opinion of large numbers of people
40.legal protection

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