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Terminix Puzzle

2   3
5                   6              
7 8                  

4.The Name of the Terminix Exhibit that is featured in Museums across the nation (3 Words)
5.______ is a fast-acting, non-aerosol handheld spray that is made from 100% natural active ingredients. It eliminates up to 25 crawling and flying household pests on contact and leaves behind no lingering odor (2 Words)
6.As found in the Service Master commitment, we are a _____ organization
7._____ is the new CEO of Service Master (2 Words)
9._____ are technically blind
1.is the Scholarship available to children of Terminix employees that rewards $5000 (3 Words)
2.Sales Kick-off Meetings are going to focus on key advantage and differentiator for our company in 2011 by implementing (2 Words)
3.We are accountable to grow______
8.Is the name of the Terminix online TV station

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