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Lens and Mirrors

Alex Chavarria

In this puzzle i have listed the most useful definitions and/or concepts of lens and mirrors as well as example of daily use in our lives.

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1.an image formed when rays of light actually intersect at a single point
3.the image created is always a virtual, smaller image
4.mirrors focus light to form real images
6.used as car headlights
7.Drivers use it to get a wide view of the whole traffic coming from behind.
8.curved surfaces change the direction of light by refraction
9.the focusing of different colors of light at a difference distance behind the lens
11.is a converging lens and an example of simple magnifier
12.the distance from the focal point to the center of the lens is called
13.designed to help someone who has problems seeing at distance (myope)
14.the ratio of image height to object height
15.act like a lens, directing light rays toward the light sensitive retina
16.an outwardly curved, mirrored surface that is a portion of a sphere and that diverges incoming light
17.an image formed by light rays that only appear to intersect
18.often used for close examination of small objects
19.it is derived using the assumption that the lens is very thin
20.the angle between a ray that strikes a surface and the normal to that surface at the point of contact
2.the measure of how large or small the image is with respect to the original object's size
5.the eye also contains small lens, that refracts light as well
10.the angle formed by the line normal to a surface and the direction is reflected ray moves

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