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Poetry Terms

Erin Cheek

A review of poetry terms for an 8th grade English class.

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1.meter that goes ba-boom
3.metric feet that go boom-ba
11.a story, told in verse, by a known author
14.Poetry that is written in unrhymed iambic pentameter
16.This form of poetry is songlike, and often deals with subjects centering around the emotions.
18.in a song, the chorus
20."Love is a battlefield."
23.each stanza in a poem having the same structure as the other stazas
25.He is as sly as a fox.
26.A poem with 14 lines comprised of an octave and a sestet.
27.the people in a poem
29.the repetition of vowel sounds in a line of poetry.
30.the feeling expressed in a poem
32.Poetry that describes a person place or thing
33.a poem of 14 lines written as three quatrains and one couplet
34.the poetic unit of measurement
35.Poetry which tells a story
38.Poetry that follows no defined rhyme scheme or meter.
40.a four line poem with a specific rhyme scheme
41.a poem that laments the death of a person, or one that is simply sad and thoughtful
42.metric feet that get the same emphasis, i.e. football
44.a number of lines that divide a poem into sections
46.when two words have both assonance and consonance, they..
47.a poem made of 3 words, 5 words, 3 words.
48.a three-line poem with the same form as the Haiku, but about something disgusting.
2.a mental picture
4.poetry written in the shape of the object it describes
5.a rhymed or metrical composition
6.Descriptive language that uses comparisons such as simile or metaphor.
7."The computer hates me!"
8.a unit of sound that produces a beat when expressed
9.A sequence of 15 interlinking sonnets, the last is made of the first lines of the preceding sonnets.
10.the main idea of a poem
12.repetition of the first sound in two or more words in a line of verse
13.a song that tells a story
15.a word whose sounds suggests its meaning. Ex.: fizz, pop, babble.
17.A story told in verse meant to be sung, of old and unkown origin
19.a two lined, rhyming poem
21.an exaggeration used to produce a certain effect
22.A sequence of 7 to 14 interlinking sonnets.
24.The repetition of similar consonant sounds, especially at the ends of words
28.repeating the same words or sounds in a poem or line of poetry
30.the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry
31.a five lined poem that is funny or nonsensical (silly) with the AABBA
36.metric feet that go ba-ba-boom
37.metric feet that go boom-ba-ba, aka:falling rhythm
39.a regular pattern of accented and unaccented syllables
41.A long, serious poem that tells the story of a heroic figure
43.a Japanese poetry form
44.a person, place or thing in a poem that represents something else
45.the style a poem is written in

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