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2                   3 4  
  5                   6          
    8                       9      
    10 11      
12                                               13
  16         17 18  
  19     20                  
21                       22          

2.those powers shared by the national and state governments
5.ruling on this case nullified Missouri Compromise; 5th Amendment violation
8.Article I, Section 8
12.clause that no State can make unreasonable distinctions between its own residents and those of another State
14.the power to create a bank was a necessary function of Congress
20.Chief Justice whole rule on McCulloch v. Maryland
21.Necessary and Proper Clause
25.type of federalism: marked by an increase in powers of the national government
26.type of federalism: characterized by devolution in the 1970s and 1980s
27.those powers enumerated under Article 1, Section 8
28.deport aliens, regulate immigration
1.responsible for returning a fugitive from justice to the state in which the crime was committed
2.type of federalism: when all levels of government compete for funds
3.neither National or State government may pass ex post facto laws or pass bills of attainder
4.grants for specific policy area and usually with strings attached
6.Article IV
7.type of federalism: introduction of grants; shift back to power of the national government
9.Article VI
10.powers not delegated to the National government nor denied the states
11.those powers that allow the National government to carry out its enumerated powers
12.established "separate but equal" doctrine
13.system of government that divides power between National, State, and local governments
15.also known as dual federalism
16.the surrender of an accused criminal by one State to the jurisdiction of another
17.grant for broad usage
18.regulating commerce is not a concurrent powers when it involves traffic, intercourse, commodities with more than one state
19.also known as cooperative federalism
22.an act directing a territory to write a state constitution
23.government imposed sanctions; funded and unfunded
24.grant based on application process; governmental and nongovernmental recipients

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