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Chapter 8 Vocab

Joe Dennis

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7                         8  
9                             10
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2.A percentage of a corporation's profit given to certain stockholders
3.A _______ Partnership is one in which the owners do not have equal power
5.A rule about how stocks and dividends work
7.An Article of ______ is a document of basic information about a Corporation
9.Temporary short-term Partnership (2 Words)
12.Type of stock that recieves dividends (2 Words)
14.When one company sells the right to use their name to other businesses in order to expand
16.Business with multiple owners
17.An organization run by many people, but treated like one person by the law
18.Complete legal responsibility for losses (2 Words)
19.Items of value that can be taken to pay off debt
21.Type of stock that does not recieve dividends (2 Words)
22.The owner of a business
1.Room to store items used in business
4.When possible loss is limited by what you invest (2 Words)
6.A Limited _______ Company protects the owners from losing all of their personal wealth
8.A business owned by one person (2 Words)
10.Money recieved from customers
11.A small-business _______ helps small business "hatch"
13.A person who takes the risk of starting a business
15.A small, new business
20.Paper that shows you own a part of a company.

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