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Jolanta Pasternak-Winiarska

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1.the phenomenon in which the leaf springs attempt to wind themselves around the axle due to the driving torque
4.a suspension system that allows each wheel to move up and down without undue influence on the other wheels
5.up-and-down oscillation
9.push bar (a bar between the shoes in a drum brake)
10.the assembly of springs, shock absorbers, torsion bars, joints, arms, etc., that cushions the shock of bumps on the road and serves to keep the wheels in constant contact with the road, thereby improving control and traction
12.inflexible, without any flexural or elastic characteristic
14.up-and-down movement of the auto body as a whole
15.the wheels and axles and other parts of the automobile which are not supported by springs
16.a suspension piece which employs a coil spring and shock absorber attached to the lower arms and the top of the front body structure. Originally it had a lateral link with an anti-roll bar instead of the lower arm
19.in a vehicle, the frame, engine, front and rear axles, springs, steering system, fuel tank. In short, everything but the body or cab and fenders
20.an independent rear suspension layout, also used on live rear axles, in which each wheel is guided by two control arms, one mounted longitudinally, the other mounted transversely or almost transversely, thus providing lateral location for the axle. A suspension setup that uses 4 rods (or links) to locate an axle
21.prevents lateral swaying of the car
22.the up-and-down bouncing of the wheels which ususually occurs on corrugated roads while driving at medium and high speeds
23.the weight of the body, etc., which is supported by springs
2.a suspension system where the two rear wheels are sprung independently from each other. It has the advantage over a beam axle suspension because the unsprung weight is reduced, the ride and handling over rough roads are improved, and a larger trunk with a lower floor can be placed between the wheels
3.a swinging action such as that in the pendulum of a clock
6.the angle of deviation between a vehicle's longitudinal axis and its true direction of motion, i.e., the difference between the direction a vehicle is pointing when cornering and the direction in which it is actually moving
7.acts to hold all the components of suspension in place and to control the longitudinal and lateral movements of the wheels movements of the wheels.
8.A transverse mounted spring steel bar that controls and minimizes body lean or tipping on corners
10.neutralize the shocks from the road surface
11.the springs, shock absorbers, linkages, etc. which support the front wheels
13.act to improve riding comfort by limiting the free oscillation of the springs
17.the up-and-down oscillation in opposite directions of the left and right wheels, causing the wheels to skip over the road surface
18.lateral (side-to-side) direction.

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