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Canadian Government: Levels and Branches

Mr. McLean

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1._________ taxes are a source of revenue for municipal governments.
5.The highest court is the _________ Court.
6.______ taxes are a source of revenue for federal and provincial governments.
10.The local level of government.
11.Level responsible for education and driver licensing.
13.When the governing party has less than half the seats in the House of Commons.
14.Our governor general is David ___________.
16.The prime minister is the head of __________.
18.The Supreme Court is part of this branch.
19.Senators must retire at age seventy-______.
20.When the governing party has more than half of the seats in the House of Commons.
22.The queen is our ________.
24.Abbreviation for Member of Parliament.
26.What happened on July 1, 1867?
28.Branch of government that makes laws.
30.M.P.s are _________ to their position.
31.Federal police force.
32.Level responsible for currency and criminal law.
33.Member of the governing party without a cabinet position.
34.Number of provinces.
35.Elizabeth II is our _________.
36.The "upper" house of Parliament.
37.Our M.P.
2.Our provincial police.
3.The prime minister and governor general belong to this branch.
4.The governor general signs these to make them laws.
7.Main advisers to the prime minister.
8.There are three hundred and ________ seats in the House of Commons.
9.Senators are _________ to their position.
12.The 2nd largest party in the House is the Official ________ Party.
15.The governing party must step down if it loses a vote of _______.
17.City where our provincial government is based.
21.A political party in the House of Commons.
23.HST stands for ___________ sales tax.
25.The House of Commons and the Senate make up this.
26.Harper's party.
27.Our federal riding is Lambton-Kent-_________.
29.Our federal capital.

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