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Chemistry 130, Puzzle 1

James Cryer

This puzzle contains selected key terms from the units covered during roughly the first half of the semester.

1 2 3
7   8                   9  

4.a sample of matter that has predictable properties and can be broken down into elements.
5.the measurement of the sum of an object’s matter.
7.Measuring volume by _______ is a method of determining the volume of a solid substance by measuring the liquid that the solid substance displaces.
11.a substance that is composed of a homogeneous mixture of multiple metals.
12.a system of internationally standardized measurements pertaining to volume, mass, length, and time, based on simple basic units. (2 Words)
13.comprised of two or more nonmetal atoms forming a single particle.
14.indicates how many atoms of which elements are joined together in a compound. (2 Words)
16.occurs when a pure substance is altered without the chemical composition of the substance being affected. (2 Words)
17.the distance that a light wave travels during the course of one cycle.
18.the smallest individual particle that is representative of an element.
19.a mixture of substances that can be separated by physical means, and may not be constant throughout a given sample. (2 Words)
1.a sample of matter with definite composition and constant properties.
2.the measurement of the space that an object or substance occupies.
3.the measurement of the force exerted by gravity on an object.
6.a mixture of substances that possesses constant properties throughout a given sample. (2 Words)
7.a measurement of the concentration of mass in a given substance.
8.used to indicate the precision of the instrument used to observe a measurement. (2 Words)
9.occurs when a substance’s chemical composition is altered, resulting in new or different properties of the substance. (2 Words)
10.a sample of matter that cannot be broken down into smaller units by normal chemical reactions.
15.a spectrum of radiant energy that is visible.

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