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First Australians

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1.Older men and women respected for their knowledge of customs and culture.
4.Prejudice; leaning towards just one view of things.
8.Relationships between members of an extended family.
12.An object made by humans.
13.An image that people may have of others based on preconceived ideas.
14.Moving about in search of animals and plants for food and other needs.
15.A social scientist who studies different socities of the world.
17.One who studies the material remains of societies.
19.The deliberate destruction of race of people.
20.Stories that have been handed down, describing indigenous Australians' traditional beliefs.
21.Outer boundary of a territory.
23.A person imprisoned for a crime.
2.A version of a language.
3.Use or take advantage of.
5.The original peoples of a region.
6.A ceremony in traditional indigenous culture in which a boy becomes a man.
7.Part of a language group.
9.A person responsible for overseeing activities.
10.History before written records were made.
11.Eating one's own species,
16.One of the first to occupy and settle in a region.
18.An area to which many indigenous people were sent to live under the control of missionaries and government officials.
22.The body's biological defense against disease.
23.A branch of religious worship.

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