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Mrs. Jacobson

Artists and projects we have focused on in 7th grade art at Central MIddle School in 2011.

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3.Our project made with paper mache
4.Stuff used to create masks and other art
5.She made a self-portrait mask with hair full of mementoes
8.He painted 3D circle inside squares
10.She painted many self-portraits, had unibrow
11.Our radial project contained lots of these
13.He painted people reading books
15.He painted God and Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
16.He drew hands drawing hands
18.He painted a large dove; started making art as a child
19.He painted sunflowers, cut off ear
20.He painted working people, and married Frida
22.Useful coloring tools
24.What all artists do
26.He painted The Scream
27.Liquid used to decorate or make art
1.What we tore up for portraits
2.Our project of shapes that fit like puzzle pieces
3.Architect who designed op fabric around 1900
6.She painted the skull of a cow
7.He painted desert butterflies, melting clocks
9.He painted the Mona Lisa
12.Your project made in a swirl had yours
14.Our project made from torn paper
17.What every student should do
20.She created black Op art squares and ripples
21.What every student should bring to art class
23.He used tiny dots to paint a scene of people in a park
25.He painted people enjoying lunch on a boat

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