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Tectonic processes: Building Mountains

natalie amirault

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3.a region where one plate moves under another
5.an igneous intrusion running parallel to the earth's surface
6.a mud flow on the side of a volcano caused by an eruption
9.molten rock found on the earth's surface
11.a fault along which one block of strata has dropped in relation to another block
14.movement that produces displacement of one rock mass relative to another alone a fracture
15.a trough or downfolded arch in a folded landscape
17.a mountain formed by folding
18.volcanic formations formed from lava
19.a rift valley formed between two faults
20.sudden and unpredictable tetonic movements in the earths crust
1.a vertical sheet of igneous rock formed from an intrusion of magma
2.a fracture along which one block of rock has been raised relative to another
4.the surface where two faults meet
7.the crest or upfolded arch in a folded landscape
8.a duct through which molten rock flows in a volcano
10.tectonic process caused by volcanoes
12.a large chamber in the earth's crust occupied by molten rock
13.the distortion of the earth's cruse by lateral pressure
16.a rock that is thrust up between two faults

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