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Irish Scottish and Welsh Food

Mr Shaw

Read your texts or research on the internet for the answers to this crossword

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1.What nutrient is the potato rich in? (2 Words)
6.What was introduced into Irish cuisine in the 16th Century
7.What meat is traditionally associated with Wales?
9.True or False, Bread and pastry were considered food of the rich.
10.Wales's best known cheese
11.Who brought smoking as a cooking method to Scotland?
12.The national vegetable of Wales
19.What is caws pobi commonly known as? (2 Words)
21.What is the name of Ireland's most successful exported beverage?
22.Where did the Celts originally come from?
23.What is Laverbread made out of?
24.What has the increase in availability of fast food led to in regards to public health?
25.What is porridge made out of?
27.Dish made from potato and cabbage
28.What is the main ingredient of Honey?
30.What Irish meat is exported worldwide?
31.Is Porridge traditionally seasoned with Salt or Sugar in Scotland?
2.What sauce is commonly served with Lamb
3.Another name for chicken & leek soup.
4.Vegetable used to feed cattle in Scotland
5.What is the English equivalent of Forfar Bridies (2 Words)
8.Oats and ______ are the staple crops of Scotland
10.What cooking receptacle was used to make stews porridge and oats?
13.What African tribe also drinks the blood of its cattle mixed into milk?
14.Sheep's intestine cooked in a sheep's stomach
15.How many people died during the great Irish potato famine of 1845 (2 Words)
16.Welsh meatballs
17.What shellfish is often served with Guinness?
18.Scottish Fudge
20.What city in Scotland is the Aberdeen Angus named after?
26.What are Irish Potato pancakes commonly known as?
29.What are the edible internal organs of animals also known as?

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