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Australia culture

Wade Giovenali & Nicol Mouton

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3.grill, pit, or outdoor fireplace for roasting meat
5.A typical Australian is known to wear a ______ hat.
6.A typical young males drive a _____.
8.Australia is very ____.
11.Australia is a _______ drinking country.
12.Australia is one of the ______ countries.
14.Popular animal in Australia.
16.The bush country of the interior of Australia.
19.Australia Football League
1.Victoria Bitter.
2.the natives of Australia
4.Distinctive tourist attraction in AUSTRALIA: Sydney ___ House.
5.Australia’s national sport.
7.Ride the waves of the sea with a board.
8.“G'day ___! Welcome to AUSTRALIA!!!”
9.Australians are known to be very ______ _____. (2 Words)
10.Australia is known as the ______ _____ _____. (3 Words)
13.A typical Australian will have a _______ in their hand.
15.The average age of young people drinking ______ is 15.5 years old.
17.Distinctive tourist attraction in AUSTRALIA: Sydney ___ Bridge.
18.The southern _______.

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