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8.the only planet that know that it has living things
9.its dont ermit it's own light but simply reflect it from it's parent star
11.people design and construct machine
12.concerned on application of properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering
14.totality of almost everything that exist
15.center of the solar system
16.its make use of multiple mirror to obtain images of exoplanet at relativily high resolution
17.it allow astronomer to observe the corona & heavenly objects that may be in close proximity to star and its orbit
18.closest spiral galaxy to milky way. It lies about 2.5 million light year away .
19.group of billions of star
20.it appear as a hazy band of white light that arches around the entire celestial sphere
1.engineer who design and construct aircraft and spacesraft
2.an irregular galaxy located at the same place at the canis major constellation
3.heavenly bodies that most compose of mineral or gas
4.an earth like exoplanet
5.people who travels in space
6.peolpe who design spacecrafts,space vehicle, and space station
7.engineer usually concern in electronics software and hardware
10.a sleeping disorder where people are walking while sleeping
13.engineer concerned with system intergration design for avionic equipment in aircraft including preparation of schematics and wiring harness drawing

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