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The Legal Profession

Legal Professionals, to be used from reading page 70 to 72 of the Cambridge Text Book - preliminary Legal Studies

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5.One purpose of sentencing
6.A Witness can take an oath or
8.A superior court in NSW
10.The main role of a judge
11.Commence a civil action
12.An intermediate court in NSW
13.A person can be guilty or_____
14.A matter between two people
15.A personal secretary to a judge
17.The jury list is compiled from ________
22.Provides legal advice to the public
23.Presides over lower court matters
24.For a matter to be referred to a higher court, there must be enough evidence
25.One role of a Corrective Services Officer
26.A person who represents a party in court
1.One example of a 'right to challenge'
2.A judge's associate, solicitor and barrister, must have this type of degree
3.The job of the jury
4.A person who supports a judge
7.Reports on Court matters to the public
9.Records the events of court
14.Organises the court lists and calls witnesses
16.A barrister focusses on one area
18.The only court in NSW with original jurisdiction
19.A jury will inform the judge on a decision
20.Gives evidence in court
21.A matter between an individual and the state

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