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1.what is the cube built out of La Grande Arche made from? (2 Words)
5.what is the name of one of the two resteraunts you can go to at the Palace Versailles? (2 Words)
7.what monument was finally completed in 1836? (3 Words)
9.which church is located in the island Ile de la Cite? (2 Words)
12.in 1789 what month and day did the French Revolution start? (2 Words)
15.how much cube is La Grande Arche made of? (4 Words)
16.Louis the 14th made Les Invalides a ___ in 1670 (2 Words)
17.each year ___ million tourists visit Paris (2 Words)
18.what is the name of the beautiful white church built on Montmartre hill? (2 Words)
19.where was Marie-Antionette, Queen of France beheaded?
20.who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815? (2 Words)
2.in 1328 during the Middle Ages how many people lived in Paris? (3 Words)
3.whos ashes rests under the dome of Les Invalides?
4.what was Paris called during 52 to 280 BC?
6.which architect designed the famous glass pyramids at the Louvre?
8.where was King Louis XVI beheaded? (5 Words)
10.what was the name of the French painting school in the second half of the 19th century? (2 Words)
11.what huge important monument was built 1887-1889? (2 Words)
13.how many people live in Paris? (2 Words)
14.Le Centre Pompidou was built by architects Renzo Piano and ___? (2 Words)

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