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Movement Analysis

a webster

1         2
3             4           5  
  7   8       9          
    10   11    
12                 13      
14 15        

1.this has lenght and direction
3.resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion
4.samples of deep muscle tissue
8.type one fibre 4,6
12.the movement of lifting the shoulders
16.rate of change of speed
18.The 'S' of DOMS
19.The position of the insertion of the muscle relative to the position of the joint (5,2,4)
20.eg bowling in cricket
2.Newtons third law of..........
5.increasing the angle of a joint
6.type of muscle contraction
7.product of mass and velocity
9.angular velocity the rate of spin
10.class of lever e.g. heading a football (5,5)
11.e.g. bicep curl (type of lever) (5,5)
13.he wrote how airflow affects flight
14.speed and direction
15.product of force and velocity
17.one of 3 things that affect projectile motion at take-off ..... of release

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