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Zee Edgell


Biography of Zee Edgell

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3.Besides being a writer, Mrs. Edgell worked many other jobs as the _____ of the Women's Bureau in Belize, and UNICEF's consultant.
7.She was educated at ____________ primary.
8.Then ________ the younger of the two.
11.She also later won the Canute Brodhurst Prize for her short story ____.
12.Mrs. Edgell's full name is ______
13.They settled down and had two children _______ the eldest.
14.She later earned her diploma in _______.
15.From 1959-62 she worked ate the Jamaican newspaper, the _______.
1.She was the first Belizean novelist to win the 1982 ______ and gain international recognition.
2.Then she later attended _______________ .
4.She later wrote in a letter to ______ that there has been too numerous early influences locally and abroad on her as a writer.
5.She was the first Belizean woman to qualify as a _______.
6.Later she met and marry _________.
9.Zee Edgell was born in Belize City in _____ of _____
10.Mrs. Edgell also says that the novel generally reminds her of the times she spent with her grandmother in ______
11.In 1993 she gained her ______ degree in history.

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